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#1 Icha Icha Fan


10/12/05 12:33 am - O\\\

The fake mission was a headache and a half.

I've never argued so much in my life. Obito and I still have alot of kinks to work out in our relationship. It's hard starting over after 10 years of believing in a lie.

Shikamaru behaved well enough on the mission, not like I expected him to run wild, afterall, he's nothing like Naruto.

Sasuke's on an angst kick again, sorry little buddy but don't quit your day job to write Haiku full time! ^\\\\\

Well at least he's safe for now. I can't say about the future and if that time does come again will he be after Naruto as well?

Something weird is going on here...it's almost like there's a hush over Konoha and so many things are happening at once that it's hard to keep track of them all. I still haven't finished my new Icha Icha thanks to Obito...

*smacks forehead* I completely forgot about Sakura! Sakura, if you see this, SUMAN SUMAN SUMAN!!!!! I hope Tsunade's taking good care of your training because I know I have a reputation for being late, but never THIS LATE O\\\\\\\\\\\

I need some sleep. Something tells me that the next few days will be even more stressful than this diversionary mission.

Oyasumi minna ^\\\\

6/21/05 02:24 am - O\\\

Too much has been happening lately. Just when things in Konoha started to be peaceful again...

I'm typing this from Konoha hospital, a place that I hate going. I've been in here too many times myself.

My best friend....is alive...

I'd type out all the details but I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. I saw Uchiha Obito die, crushed under a rock ten years ago...and I've been visiting the Memorial everyday since then to see his name. It's made me late for everything but I never cared much about being on time.

But yesterday...instead of seeing his name on the monument...I saw, him...


He's really alive...the Akatsuki saved him and now he's working for them. He doesn't want to though and I swear that I will set him free from that servitude even if I have to die in the process. I lost him once and I'm not losing him again...

I feel so guilty that I have his eye...the eye he gave to me without hesitation. Would I have been able to become the ninja I am today without it? We had a fight and then things got nasty as the wounds that Gaara of the sand gave him opened up again, but Tsunade came and healed him and here we are now...

I'm praying for the best, and that Akatsuki won't come looking for him for a good while. We have so much to catch up on...

5/29/05 01:07 am - Yo

I re-read Icha Icha Paradise three times today...heeeeheeeeee! This has got to be the best volume yet, hands down.

Sakura is away visiting family right now, Sasuke has been avoiding all of us and Naruto seems to have a cloud hanging over his head. What am I to do with a team of three lazy ninja.

You guys better get your act together soon, or maybe I'll issue another challenge where you don't get to eat for extended periods of time ^\\\\\\ that sounds fun!

Eh, I've been sensing somet weird auras lately. I know I haven't been training as hard as I should, and I've been slacking off during the downtime of business, but I can't help but feel like something is about to happen. Something big. I guess I'll find out soon enough. ^\\\\

Oh yes and Gai, if you're reading this, stop sending me those 'youthful challenge' letters. Ok? Ok. ^\\\\

5/27/05 01:14 am - Yo

*yawns* Oi, I can't sleep. So that's why I'm here playing with my new computer. Tsunade-sama insisted that I get a computer, she told me I was stuck in the stone ages. She said it would be easier to e-mail us our missions and save her some precious time (When we all know she's out drinking and gambling) I can only imagine the stress of being the Hokage though.

So I got a computer. Now to keep Naruto away from it. Who knows what could happen if he touched it...*thinks* Hmmm...but you know, this will have plenty of advantages *GRIN* The internet is a wonderful place...hmm hmm hmm!!!


Did you know they have an ichaichaparadise.com?!!!!!!

Well, now you do. (Go visit it for the illustrations! ~\\\\)

*looks at the clock on the wall* She's probably getting off from work right now. I would've been there to walk her home, but strange things happen when I get near alcohol *gets nostaligic look on his face* I'm sure she'll be fine though.

Tomorrow....I have training planned...but I'm going to the monument first. Maybe I'll only be two hours late this time. I wonder if I'll ever really meet him again on this side of the universe. Ma, no time to be sad! I think I'll check out a few more websites before heading to bed ^\\\\\\\\\\\ Ja ne!
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